this ok Sentence Puma Golf 2015 Womens Solid Tech Golf Skirt - Style # 568369 - Nectarine


Puma Golf 2015 Womens Solid Tech Golf Skirt - Style # 568369 - Nectarine

Puma Golf 2015 Womens Solid Tech Golf Skirt - Style # 568369 - Nectarine

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Product Description

MSRP: $65.00 This moisture-wicking skirt is geared for covering and crouching with its inner short. We designed this skirt to compliment your game and rockin' legs. We've included built in stretch woven shorts that move with you so you are confident in every swing...or when you grab the ball out of the hole with a crowd behind ya. Lightweight, breathable fabric allows maximum airflow and comfort. High waisted with a thick waist band that won't dig in- cause no one likes a muffin top, unless its homemade blueberry.


97% Polyester, 3% elastane (Spandex)
Front hand pockets, Back welt pockets
Front zip with hook closure
Stretch dryCELL moisture-wicking fabric
Internal Knit short
Brand : PUMA
Item model num : 568369-06
MPN(PartNumber) : 568369-06
EAN : 0887707584817
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