this ok Sentence Alfani Womens Animal Print Mini Knit Skirt Black XL


Alfani Womens Animal Print Mini Knit Skirt Black XL

Alfani Womens Animal Print Mini Knit Skirt Black XL

Kom over een paar dagen nog eens terug.

Product Description

Alfani is a modern, wear to work brand for both men and women offering sportswear, intimate apparel, shoes, jewelry and furnishings. Alfani is a stylish resource for sophisticated men and women who go from work to evening. This Alfani Knit Skirt is guaranteed authentic. It's crafted with 60% Cotton/40% Rayon.


Animal Print
Brand : Alfani
Item model num : 6271CML194
MPN(PartNumber) : 6271CML194
EAN : 0636202399804
Product Dimensions(LxWxH) :
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